I like what I like and I share some of that here.

loving this track just now. it’s good mario kart extreme time trial music

I like #autumn #ginger #leaves #vignette

Just a wee time lapse from the kitchen window.

Got to order myself some film for these, it’s been so long. Who fancies a photo taking adventure?

So my name will be in the credits for samurai cop 2, I’ve finally made it, haha. 

i don’t care what anyone says, this is still the best pop song of 2012. apart from the crappy intro that is. listen to the harmony and unexpected chord progression in the chorus, you can’t deny it.

listen to the bass, its unbelievable. apparantly mostly improvised while recording too. amazing.

#aberdeen #b&w (at Marischal College)

So many photos of fields #aberdeenshire #landscape #scotland

It was a bit foggy this morning #aberdeen #fog

#aberdeenshire #landscape #scotland

Met this guy today.

Hello there

Is that not braemar castle?

nah, the castle is closer to braemar and has a star shaped wall round it. not sure what this place is, but its huge. 

Belmont Street #aberdeen (at Bellmont Street.)

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce